Enable SSH on HP ProCurve 6600 series switch

HP ProCurve 6600 runs “ProVision” network operating system. ProVision command syntaxes are pretty much similar to Cisco IOS commands.

Following are commands to enable SSH on a ProCurve 6600 series –

First create local user account on the switch; command is –

#password manager user-name admin; this will prompt to enter password

Generate crypto keys for SSH server; command is –

#crypto key generate ssh

Enable SSH service; command is –

#ip ssh

To check SSH service status, enter the following command –

#show ip ssh


To restrict access to SSH (or local services on the switch), configure authorised manager IP address; command is –

#ip authorized-managers IP_Address

That’s all.

HP ProCurve 6600 series firmware upgrades using USB flash drive

Firmware upgrade on a HP ProCurve 6600 series (24g-4xg or 48g-4xg or 24xg) can be done in several ways, here I will cover upgrading firmware using USB stick.

HP 6600 series always keep two boot images on the flash – (i)primary boot image and (ii)secondary boot image; by default switch boot from the primary. During new firmware upgrade the system automatically take a backup of primary image and copy this to the secondary – so no worry; if you messed up with firmware upgrade you can tell the system to boot from secondary (which is you current good one in fact).

Also firmware upgrade process will keep a backup of your “configurations” in the switch – however it is recommended you should take copy of the same before start upgrade process.

1. Download the latest firmware from HP My Networking site – https://h10145.www1.hp.com/downloads/ProductsList.aspx?lang=&cc=&prodSeriesId=

The latest firmware as of today (June 2014) is K.15.13.0005. The firmware file is a “.swi” extension file. Copy this file onto a USB flash drive (do not put this in a sub directory). Before the upgrade make sure which version is you are currently running; the command is “#show flash” – screenshot –


2. Insert the USB stick to the switch; the switch will automatically mount the USB. Do a “#show flash” to see the firmware file visible on the switch.

3. Once you see the firmware file on the switch – let’s start firmware upgrade process. Copy the firmware file to primary flash. The command and screenshot following –

#copy usb flash K_15_13_0005.swi primary


4. Once the copy is finish make sure your primary flash is showing the latest version; the command is “#show flash” again –


(now primary and secondary version are different)

5. Optional – you might need to tell the switch to boot from the primary image; command is “#boot system flash primary” – screenshot following –


The switch will reboot during firmware upgrade.

Once all above are done – do a “#show flash” to confirm the switch is running with the latest firmware.